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3 Things DriverReach Learned at the 2020 Recruitment and Retention Conference

Last week, the DriverReach team gathered with hundreds of driver recruiting professionals in Nashville, TN, for a few days of learning, networking, and discussing current trends in the world of CDL driver recruiting at the 2020 Recruitment and Retention Conference. Our very own Founder and CEO, Jeremy Reymer, had the opportunity to participate on a panel “Am I Successfully Navigating My ATS? Answers to Your Questions Are Here”, where he shared tips from his perspective.

Over the course of the three-day event, we had many conversations about the current state of trucking and how processes need to evolve in order to keep up with the changing landscape recruiters (and drivers) face on a daily basis. In fact, we had many conversations with attendees about: 

  • How to deliver modern, digital-first recruiting experiences to drivers
  • Practical ways technology can help your team overcome process roadblocks
  • The need for long-term retention strategies
  • The importance of doing more with less and using the power of technology to personalize

As we reflect on the 2020 R&R conference, 3 major driver challenges kept surfacing (but there’s good news – these can be easily solved with a modern recruiting and compliance management platform!): 

  1.  Recruiters don’t listen to drivers 
    The best way to recruit new drivers is to keep the ones you have, and this means listening to your drivers’ feedback – the good, the bad, and the ugly. This practice starts with driver candidates and remains important throughout the entire driver lifecycle.  Being proactive, leveraging as many feedback channels as possible, and actually taking action on this feedback is critical. Interested in more on this topic? Check out our latest ebook, Driver Retention: Why Your Drivers Aren't Sticking Around - and What to Do About It”.
  2.  Recruiters just send me a link to fill out an app
    Drivers abandon DOT applications for multiple reasons, but the most common culprit is usually an outdated or complicated form that takes too long to complete on a mobile device. CDL drivers expect top-of-the-line support and engagement with recruiters, and with such high levels of competition in today’s driver marketplace, employers can’t afford to hold out. 
    From single sign-on capabilities to e-signatures and text message verification notices, drivers are looking for applications that make it easy to get in, get out, and get on with their jobs. 
  3. Recruiters don’t follow-up 
    When you follow-up with driver candidates in a timely manner, are they surprised to hear from you? Personal and timely follow-up is non-negotiable in recruiting, but unfortunately, it’s something few recruiters actually do. With so much competition in the industry, drivers have their pick of the litter when it comes to CDL driving positions. 

    In order to stay top-of-mind with drivers and ensure they remember your company in a positive light, recruiters need to strive for a quick time-to-contact. With Cadence by DriverReach, you can immediately create seamless, automated drip marketing campaigns in just a few clicks so no driver will ever slip through the cracks again! 

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