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4 Important Attributes of the Best Driver Recruiters – and How to Develop Them

Today’s world of CDL driving is much different than it was a few years ago. Drivers are connected, plugged-in members of the workforce that are looking for the same things job seekers in other professions are looking for: company culture, a personalized recruiting experience, and competitive benefits.

As competition continues to build in the marketplace, finding and recruiting these drivers is more important than ever. CDL recruiting requires discipline, focus, and more than a little training to succeed.

Here are four key attributes of successful driver recruiters with tips on how to develop them in your team:

Attribute #1 - Proactiveness: There are more open positions in the market than drivers available to fill them, which means drivers aren’t usually the ones instigating conversations with recruiters. Instead, recruiters must continually reach out and find potential drivers. Recruiters should adopt a proactive mentality to attract driver candidates in which they are actively reaching out, looking through forums and social media sites, and setting up campaigns designed to drive applications.

Tip: Managers can encourage recruiters to be proactive in their efforts by setting up an internal competition. By gamifying the recruiting process and rewarding recruiters who set the most calls, drive the most applications, and close the most new hires, recruiters will become more driven and find new ways to succeed.

Attribute #2 - Creativity: While CDL drivers have evolved, the CDL trucking industry itself can still seem a bit behind the times. In order to attract the right kind of candidates and make driving appeal to even the most modern applicants, recruiters need to be able to think outside the box. Whether it’s figuring out how to differentiate your fleet from the competition or highlighting unique benefits that only your company offers, staying creative can bring a sense of excitement and engagement to CDL recruiting.

Tip: To encourage your team to be creative, host a weekly or monthly brainstorming session of new ideas to attract candidates. Marketing campaigns are traditionally a creative outlet, and team brainstorming can really get the creative juices flowing.

Attribute #3 - Enthusiasm: CDL drivers are looking for a social, engaging work environment just like any other job seeker. While most recruiters can tout potential openings by playing up company culture, CDL recruiters need to stay enthusiastic about the benefits and highlights of the CDL driver profession. The best way to keep your drivers motivated and enthusiastic (even during a recruiting slump) is to rely on training.

Tip: Incorporate a structured training program that educates recruiters on what to say and do in specific situations. Split recruiters into pairs and run through role play scenarios to practice staying upbeat and excited when talking about open roles.

Attribute #4 - Tech-savvy: Modern recruiting has followed in the footsteps of other traditional industries and embraced the digital revolution. From social media to mobile optimization to automated applicant tracking systems, CDL recruiters should be ready and willing to embrace all that technology has to offer. In order to educate CDL recruiters and ensure they’re tech-savvy, it’s important that they know why certain digital processes are in place.

Tip: Instead of simply forcing recruiters to learn how to use a new program or workflow, highlight the benefits and value to both your internal team and your driver applicants. Once recruiters know how technology is helping them succeed, they’ll be more willing to embrace changes and utilize software more fully.

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