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5 TOP Driver Recruiting Resources

It’s no stretch to say that the CDL industry has seen its fair share of ups and downs this year. From continuing to deal with the ongoing driver shortage to attempting to cope with the ups and downs in the supply chain, CDL driver recruiters have definitely been through the ringer. It can be hard to anticipate where the industry is moving, what is changing, and how CDL drivers can take steps in the right direction towards success. 5 resources to set your recruiters up for success

The current state of driver recruiting may be more difficult than ever before, but there is no shortage of resources and content available. CDL truckers, carriers, operators, and driver recruiters are coming together to share their knowledge and insight with others in the industry. Here are five key resources your team needs to follow to set your driver recruiters up for success:

  1. FreightWaves – In recent years, FreightWaves has become one of the top resources for trucking news, media, and analytics. CDL driver recruiters need to gain insight into the industry as a whole, and FreightWaves’ countless tools and free resources  – from infographics to webinars to whitepapers and more – serves as a one-stop-shop that every recruiter should bookmark as one of their favorite sites. 
  2. The CDL Recruiting Handbook – Although we may be working in an incredibly niche industry during an incredibly unique time, CDL driver recruiting is still, at its heart, Sales. Today’s driver recruiters are looking for what every single one of their counterparts also want: a clear, actionable playbook to attract more applicants and sign more new drivers. The CDL Recruiting Playbook is the perfect resource to kick-start a modern, driver-focused recruiting strategy. Check it out for everything from conversation tips and scripts to detailed strategies for overcoming challenges.  
  3. The American Trucking Association – The American Trucking Association is the largest trade association in the industry. When it comes to news and insights about the state of the industry, this one should be at the top of your bookmark list. Additionally, the ATA hosts an annual industry Management Conference & Exhibition which has become one of the top networking events in the industry for all stakeholders to share best practices.
  4. Transport Topics – Modern CDL driver recruiting is all about connecting with drivers on a personal level. Transport Topics is a great resource for staying on top of stories, trends, and issues that are relevant and important to drivers to better establish these relationships and connect with drivers. From new government mandates to updated safety regulations, Transport Topics is a go-to resource for any driver recruiter.
  5. DriverReach Chats – There is nothing like hearing from industry experts firsthand, especially with how quickly things are changing in the CDL trucking industry. DriverReach saw this gap in the industry and started DriverReach Chats, an ongoing video series that sees DriverReach founder Jeremy Reymer talking with thought leaders from across the industry on current topics and important issues.

What are YOUR favorite driver recruiting resources?

Whether you’re looking for new ways to curate content and attract new drivers or if you just need new ways to connect with drivers, these resources can help. What other channels and resources does your team use for ongoing training and success?

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