Do Your Driver Recruiting and Retention Efforts Take into Account the Underrepresented?

When many people think of the CDL trucking industry, they tend to think of an ‘old boys club’ in both the literal and figurative sense. While it’s true that the CDL trucking industry has struggled with representation problems in the past, a new wave of leaders on the scene is dedicated to taking the industry in a new direction.

Updating outdated, traditional processes and internal procedures is one thing, but changing the very makeup of CDL drivers, technicians, and industry leaders presents its own set of challenges. Ellen Voie, President and CEO of the Women in Trucking (WIT) Association, is one of these leaders pushing for inclusivity and diversity on the roads. Together, Ellen and WIT are on a mission to encourage more women to enter the CDL trucking industry.

In a recent profile, Ellen discussed different ways the industry can overcome roadblocks that might be preventing women and other underrepresented groups from taking on a larger role in CDL trucking. With new technologies and solutions hitting the market, it’s easier than ever before for carriers to increase inclusion efforts.

Additionally, there are plenty of benefits to widening recruiting and retention efforts to include women, Gen Z drivers, and minority groups. Recent studies have shown that having more female drivers on the road can actually create a safer driving environment for both commercial and noncommercial drivers alike. And, since the driver shortage means that recruiters have had to broaden their scope to find new drivers, the Gen Z generation represents an untapped yet willing group of new drivers for the road.

Simply put, the once homogenous world of CDL trucking is changing, and the carriers that will be successful in the long term will be the ones that are ahead of this diversity curve.

Here are a few ways your team can ensure your recruiting and retention efforts are taking into account underrepresented drivers:

  • Make it easy for everyone to apply. This means that your job listings should be posted on a variety of different job boards, contain universal keywords, and be inclusive.
  • Don’t let drivers slip through the cracks. If you’re like many carriers, you probably have quite a few underrepresented drivers applying right now but they just aren’t making it through your application process. Work with your recruiting team to ensure nobody slips through the cracks. 
  • Focus on company culture. Your current drivers are your best marketing tool, and if they can recognize a welcoming and inclusive workplace they’re sure to tell their networks about it.

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