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Driver Recruiting: 4 Things to Keep in Mind for the Rest of 2020

Although it seems as though more than a full year’s worth has happened already in 2020, the year is only now just half over. There is more than enough time left for changes or new strategic initiatives, especially for CDL driver recruiters. Even if your team got off to a rocky start early in the year or if you’re unsure where to do with your recruiting strategy, there is plenty of time to re-charge and re-focus before 2021.

Here are four specific things to keep in mind for the remainder of 2020:

  • Lingering safety concerns for drivers

Although the national conversation around health and workplace safety has started to wane a bit, these health concerns are real and should continue to be taken quite seriously for CDL driver recruiters. Moving forward, the health and safety of drivers during onboarding, training, and on the road will be a real focal point for recruiting conversations and discussions. Companies need to make sure these concerns are addressed and highlighted throughout the rest of 2020, at least.

  • Changing supply chains

 If the first half of 2020 taught CDL industry leaders anything, it’s that the national (and global) supply chain is completely capable of shutting down unexpectedly. While these larger changes seem to have sorted themselves out by mid 2020, the first half of the year showed the CDL industry that things can change very rapidly. While another shutdown like the one we experienced earlier this year is not on the horizon, CDL driver recruiters should strategize and plan for the rest of 2020 with this new knowledge in the back of their minds. Simply put, flexibility will continue to be key for the rest of the year.

  • Increasing diversity when hiring drivers

Additionally, a national conversation around diversity and the challenges of underrepresented groups has given CDL driver recruiters a unique opportunity to stand as progressive leaders at the forefront of a more diverse industry. For the next few months, make a point to discuss diversity with your recruiting team and refocus your recruiting strategy to fill any gaps.  

  • Refocusing on driver-first recruiting

And, finally, CDL driver recruiters should strive to use the rest of 2020 to refocus on what’s really important in the industry: the drivers. Many CDL drivers had a rocky start to 2020, with trucks left empty and many industry layoffs due to lack of demand. Recruiters must take into account the challenges these drivers experienced (both personally and professionally) when planning recruiting strategy for the rest of the year. Going back to basics and doubling down on driver-first recruiting and retention can help get drivers back on their feet and help ‘restart’ the industry overall.

How DriverReach can set your team up for success for the rest of 2020

There’s no denying that 2020 got off to a rocky start. Luckily, the CDL trucking industry is resilient and innovative enough to come back stronger than ever to finish out the year. DriverReach, the industry-leading driver recruiting and compliance management solution, helps CDL driver recruiters create and manage a strong recruiting process designed to weather any storm. You can learn more about DriverReach here.

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