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DriverReach Supports SCF to Help Save Lives and Families, One Driver at a Time

We all know firsthand that the transportation industry comes with its own set of challenges, and ensuring driver safety tops that list. At DriverReach, our goal is to consistently uplevel the CDL recruiting process – and caring for driver needs is an important part of our mission. That’s why we’ve decided to support The St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund, otherwise known as SCF.

Chances are, your company has heard of or has already decided to join the many top sponsors who believe greatly in this charity’s mission. But if you aren’t yet familiar with SCF and its beneficiaries, we encourage you to read on and understand the heart of the organization and determine if it’s one that your company can align with to pass along care for drivers and families when they need it most.

About The St. Christopher Fund (SCF): The St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund, also known as SCF, is a 501(c)(3), truck driver charity that helps over-the-road/regional semi-truck drivers and their families when an illness or injury, occurring within the last year, has caused them to be out of work. The SCF is also working to provide programs that will benefit professional drivers and the trucking industry.

Who Started SCF? After witnessing hundreds of truck drivers and their families struggle to survive as a result of catastrophic illness or injury, Dave Nemo, host of the Dave Nemo Show and his business partner Michael Burns were compelled to take action. They found a willing partner in Dr. John McElligott (“Dr. John”). Together, they launched a truck driver charity to come to the aid of professional drivers in need. The organization was incorporated as a non-faith based, not-for-profit organization in November 2007.

The Mission: Relief: To provide support for semi-truck drivers when an illness or injury has caused them to be out of work. Development: The second mission is to provide health and wellness programs for drivers. Currently, the SCF provides a smoking cessation program (Rigs without Cigs) and provides free flu, pneumonia, and shingles vaccine vouchers.

Who Are SCF Beneficiaries?: Donations to the SCF have been received from individuals and corporations sensitive to the needs of professional drivers. As of March 31, 2019 the SCF has helped 2,549 drivers and their families with $2,661,164 in financial assistance for mortgage/rent, utilities, vehicle payments and insurance payments.

A Word From Beneficiaries:
“Thanks so much. I don’t know what I would have done without some sort of help with my bills. I would also like to express my thanks to all the drivers and companies that make donations and make this possible when drivers are hurt and in need. I can’t wait till my health gets better and I can get back to work because this is one organization that I will be forever indebted to. They will always get my donations so they may be able to help another driver who falls on hard times because of health problems. God bless and thanks again!”

“St. Christopher Fund is an awesome group that really cares about people and they are here to help drivers and their families. Thank you so much to this awesome, caring group. If you were not here we would’ve lost our home. It helped my husband heal faster knowing that there was help here when we needed it. We didn’t have the stress of wondering where our rent money and bill money was coming from.”

Ready to Partner With a Life-Changing Organization?
We all know that drivers support companies that support them. For many drivers looking for a new career, just knowing a trucking company supports SCF could be a deciding factor as to whether they accept the job or not. By supporting the organization, companies not only invest in drivers when injury or illness takes them off the road, but SCF has health and wellness initiatives that support driver health with free vaccines and a smoking cessation program.

If your company is interested in learning more about SCF or partnering with this life-changing organization, visit:

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