DriverReach Services: Your Recruiting Secret Weapon

Today’s CDL driver recruiters are in a unique position. While there has never been a higher demand for CDL drivers, the supply of potential drivers is shrinking rapidly. Recruiters aren’t able to sit back and let drivers come to them anymore. Instead, CDL driver recruiters must have a full toolbox – including a few secret weapons – to outperform the competition and get drivers on the road.

DriverReach is a modern driver recruiting management solution that is built from the ground-up to address the unique challenges and opportunities of the CDL trucking industry. From streamlining and optimizing the recruiting process to making it easy to keep drivers compliant and on the road once they’re hired, DriverReach is more than just a one trick pony.

In addition to the industry-leading DriverReach suite of software solutions, CDL driver recruiters can also take advantage of Services to succeed and win in the competitive CDL recruiting landscape, including:

  • Streamlined management of employment verifications handled by a team of experts! Instead of wasting manual time and resources processing employment verifications, the DriverReach team can manage this for you. DriverReach will contact previous employers, keep your current driver DQ files updated and compliant, and work with your team to redirect any inbound previous employment requests through VOE Plus.
  • Getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to advertising and marketing dollars. The DriverReach team has been in the CDL recruiting business for decades, and our expertise can really pay off when it comes to maximizing advertising efforts. With DriverReach, your team can generate new driver leads based on personalized hiring priorities, take advantage of more than 25 untapped lead sources, leverage advanced social media strategies to reach a larger audience, and make applications as easy as one click.
  • Expert driver recruitment consulting and coaching to ensure your recruiters are operating at the top of their game. DriverReach experts understand the industry inside and out, which means they know how your team can do right by your recruiters and your drivers. DriverReach recruiting consulting makes it easy to develop long-term strategy, continue education and development, and identify areas of opportunity for growth.

Learn More About DriverReach Services

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