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Ebook | “Your CDL Driver Recruiting and Retention Playbook – 5 Steps to Success”

Modern CDL driver recruiters are in a unique position: while there is an incredible amount of competition in the industry, there are so many tools and solutions available to help manage complex recruiting processes. Although CDL driver recruiting may seem overwhelming at times, with the right strategic planning and focus your team can streamline the processes for yourselves and for your drivers.

In our newest ebook, Your CDL Driver Recruiting and Retention Playbook – 5 Steps to Success, you’ll learn five easy ways to develop a successful CDL driver recruiting strategy, including:

1. Build your brand story: 

In order to find the right drivers for your organization, you must be 100% clear on what your organization means. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses, revealing your company culture, and planning how you will translate this story to drivers is key during this stage. 

2. Optimize the applicant experience:

Better recruiting begins with a better applicant experience. All CDL driver recruiting processes must be built with the drivers themselves top-of-mind. Going through your current processes and identifying gaps is a great first step to optimizing the applicant experience.

3. Bridge the gap between human engagement and technology:

There is now an incredible wealth of resources, solutions, and technology available to CDL driver recruiters to help streamline and optimize different processes and workflows. This doesn’t mean that technology will replace human interaction, however. Now is the time to find the right way to meld these two different approaches into one mutually beneficial workflow.

4. Engage and retain drivers:

Your current drivers are one of your best recruiting weapons, so why not make the most of it? Keeping your drivers engaged through focused communication, social media, and even video chats can create a strong company culture – even if your team is on the road.

5. Establish a full circle feedback and referral loop to improve driver retention: 

Part of driver retention is making sure your drivers know they’re valued and respected and asking for their feedback is a great way to make this happen. If your drivers feel as though they have a say in the success of your organization, they’re more likely to recommend your company as a place to work for other drivers.

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Finding the right driver recruiting strategy for your team won’t happen overnight. Taking a step back to break down the recruiting process and tackle these individual stages allows your team to manage CDL driver recruiting in a more streamlined manner. Download our newest eBook, Your CDL Driver Recruiting and Retention Playbook – 5 Steps to Success, to learn more.

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