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Exploring Driver iQ’s Survey Results: Trends in Truckload Recruiting and Retention

It’s no surprise the CDL trucking industry is constantly on the verge of change. From new digital innovations hitting the market to new government regulations being passed, there is no shortage of stories and hot topics in the industry.

Recently, Driver iQ conducted a survey of carriers to gain some insight into the state of driver recruiting and retention in the industry.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways from Driver iQ’s survey:

More drivers are leaving carriers than ever before. There were over 40 million ‘quits’ in 2018, making it the ninth consecutive year this number increased. In order to reduce the number of drivers leaving, carriers can implement retention-specific programs designed to increase driver satisfaction and keep drivers on staff. Regularly scheduled check-ins and meetings, company events, and an active social media presence can create a connected company culture even when most of your workforce is on the road.

The future of driver turnover is still uncertain. While the overall turnover rates for larger carriers was down in Q4 2019, survey respondents said they expected it to increase or remain the same in 2019. Carriers are still uncertain about the future of driver supply and, given the last few years, this uncertainty is warranted. The best course of action here is to be prepared and create targeted strategies to capitalize on any drivers that come your way. The reality of the driver shortage means that every lead you get should at least initially be treated as a ‘top prospect’.

Compensation, time on the road, and lack of communication are the top reasons for driver turnover. This is a tricky one, because, while truck driving can be a financially rewarding position, it does require some sacrifice. One good way to handle these roadblocks is to be completely upfront and transparent with your prospects and drivers. Be honest about compensation packages and what they entail. Explicitly spell out your pay breakdown and don’t try to sneak anything past drivers. When it comes to communications, don’t hold back. Truck drivers are just like any other employees in any other industry and they expect transparency and honesty from their employers.

Ghosting is still a huge issue. It’s no surprise that ghosting is one of the biggest frustrations for carriers, and this isn’t going away. 11% of survey respondents said they were ghosted by more than 50% of leads without any explanation. And, 61% of respondents said these cases are about the same or even more frequent than five years ago. It’s becoming easier for drivers to ghost recruiters thanks to online processes, which means recruiters need to be more diligent in their recruiting process. Be attentive, personal, and open to answering questions. Be honest and upfront and make sure you are truly recruiting from the driver’s perspective.

Driver compensation will continue to increase. With the average truck driver salary sitting around $73,000, CDL driving can be a rather desirable position. An overwhelming majority of drivers believe that driver compensation will increase in the next quarter of 2019, making now the perfect time for recruiters to capitalize on this market. While the driver shortage still looms over the industry, carriers and recruiters can use this compensation increase to their advantage when talking to prospective drivers.

Finding qualified drivers is still the number one challenge. More than 80% of survey respondents said that finding qualified applicants is a top priority in 2019. There just aren’t as many applicants as a few years ago, but with the same amount of competition, the race for drivers who are qualified has become fierce. For recruiters and carriers looking to stand out, it’s all about the entire driver lifecycle from application to recruiting to retention. As long as recruiters keep this in mind, 2019 will be a successful year. You can learn more about recruiting and retaining CDL drivers here.

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