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How YOU Can Help Raise Awareness for Human Trafficking This December!

Did you know January is Trafficking Awareness month? As a leader in the CDL trucking industry, DriverReach is partnering with the organization Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) to raise awareness and continue a meaningful conversation around human trafficking. As horrible as human trafficking is to think about, the CDL trucking industry plays a large role in the fight against this heinous crime. Because truck drivers are often on lesser-traveled roads and rest areas where a large portion of human trafficking violations are also occurring, they have become the de facto eyes and ears of the highway system. Organizations like TAT are working to empower drivers to not only be more aware of human trafficking but to also know how to take action and make a difference. 

How Can Truckers Make a Difference

There are multiple ways truckers can help make a difference. The first is knowing how to spot human trafficking in action. Drivers should pay close attention to people they meet and see at truck stops, rest areas, and other places along highways, especially in the lesser trafficked areas. Listening to CB chatter for buzzwords that signal illicit activity can also be a giveaway. 

When in doubt, report it. Talk to the manager of whatever truck stop or rest area you are at and voice your concerns. They will often assist with the situation and can use this information to help put the trafficking ring to rest for good. 

How Carriers Can Make a Difference

Carriers can also play a part in raising awareness for human trafficking. It’s important to have an open and honest conversation with drivers about the issue at hand and how the truck driving industry is playing a role. Provide all of your drivers with mandatory TAT-sponsored training to ensure they are able to identify trafficking when they see it. Make sure all of your drivers are well equipped with the right tools to help fight and report trafficking violations. This includes posting all emergency numbers where drivers can access them quickly.  

Unfortunately, human trafficking is a multibillion-dollar business that shows no signs of slowing down. As long as there are opportunities for people to make money off of this operation, it will continue. 

By taking a stand, mobilizing drivers, and raising awareness with both truck drivers and the general public, the CDL trucking industry can play a major role in helping to put an end to human trafficking for good. 

Take a Stand Against Human Trafficking TODAY! 

Want to start raising awareness for human trafficking today? TAT’s friends at N2Gives are matching donations for Trafficking Awareness Month up to $75,000. As a TAT partner, DriverReach is helping support this excellent cause, which raises funds to provide training and educational resources to drivers and carriers around identifying and preventing human trafficking. This generous campaign ends on December 31st, so make sure you make your donations today!

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