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Part 2 | Did You Know You Could Be Getting Paid for Employment Verifications?

In the highly regulated world of CDL drivers, the creating, storing, sending, and receiving of data is all-consuming. Carriers are mandated to verify previous employment as a part of the driver qualification process, and previous employers are required to respond to these inquiries. While compliance with this regulation is critical, it can be very cumbersome and time-consuming for both parties.

At DriverReach, we understand the critical compliance responsibilities of recruiters, which is why we created the only industry-specific, holistic CDL driver recruiting and compliance management solution. Our expertise in the CDL industry also means we’re uniquely positioned to address and help mitigate some of the most pressing challenges facing CDL recruiters. That is why we built VOE Plus, the easily automated CDL driver employment verification solution.

With VOE Plus, your team can easily:

Upload previous employment records

Adding new driver records to verify their past employment shouldn’t compete with more critical tasks on your daily to-do list. With VOE Plus, you can easily enter each driver’s previous employment record, then spend the rest of your time focusing on more important tasks versus constantly responding to verification requests.

Quickly respond to inbound verification requests 

Entering previous employment records is only half the battle when it comes to the verification process. Other carriers and employers will constantly reach out to request employment verifications. Instead of having to manually respond to each and everyone – sometimes over and over for the same driver, simply redirect those inquiries to VOE Plus where they can access the record they are searching for. This is a revolutionary time-saver for all parties involved. Reducing the time it takes to verify previous employment from days or weeks to just minutes. 

Get PAID easily (we pay YOU!)

Not only does VOE Plus eliminate the burden of constantly responding to previous employment requests, but you actually earn revenue each time your previous records are sold. There are no strings attached. Rather than earn credit for something you may not want, you will earn cash so you can use it as you wish. The revenue you generate is easily tracked and available in your VOE Plus interface. Getting paid for automating an otherwise painful process? It truly is a WIN-WIN-WIN for all parties involved. 

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Verifying past CDL driver employment doesn’t have to be difficult. After all, you’re already spending so much time gathering and sharing data - making this data work for you shouldn’t be hard. With VOE Plus, the time and effort you put into requesting and responding to employment verifications will shrink while profits rise.

You can learn more about the VOE Plus solution from DriverReach by requesting a personal demonstration here.

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