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So You Want to Improve Your Speed-to-Hire? Start Here First.

The CDL trucking industry is at a crossroads. With thousands of open positions, carriers need to find drivers faster than ever because, at the end of the day, the ongoing driver shortage means trucks are sitting instead of being on the road. Unfortunately, many CDL driver application processes are stuck in the dark ages of recruiting. Slow processes, manual follow-ups, and outdated applications make it hard to get drivers on the road. The new challenge facing CDL driver recruiters is figuring out how to streamline internal processes to get drivers on the road faster. 

Here are three ways to improve your driver speed to hire:

#1 – Attract the right candidates

Most CDL driver recruiters are incredibly familiar with the feeling of needing to interview and onboard new drivers but not being able to find the right candidates – or any candidates at all for that matter. Recruiters must have access to a deep pool of available talent to ensure that they can get the application process started right away. 

This can mean two things. First, recruiters should focus on their online job posting, application page, and position messaging to attract more resumes and more drivers. And second, carriers and recruiters should have a strong online presence (on social media, forums, message boards, review sites, etc.) to keep potential driver applicants aware of your brand and up-to-date on open jobs. 

#2 – Create modern, streamlined internal processes

Once applications are coming in, it falls on recruiters to speed up the hiring process. Shockingly, waiting a few days to follow-up with a candidate by phone, leaving a long voicemail, and waiting by the phone to hear back isn’t the most streamlined way to handle this process. Instead, recruiters should turn to modern solutions like CRM, Applicant Tracking, and more to digitize this post-application experience. 

From automated email follow-ups to text message conversations to video chat interviews, technology is changing the way recruiters engage with CDL driver applicants early on in the hiring process for the better. It’s making it easier to reach people, easier to follow-up with them, and easier to move applicants through the hiring process faster. 

#3 – Provide a better candidate experience post-application

Today’s CDL driver recruiters should be focused on one main initiative: improving the candidate experience. Post-application, it’s not uncommon for applicants to be tossed around from recruiter to recruiter, having the same conversation with each person in a repetitive, never-ending lifecycle. Every single decision CDL recruiters make, from what technology to use to how to manage the previous employment verification process, should be with the end goal of getting drivers through this process and on the road faster. Because, drivers on the road means more business and revenue for all, making it a high priority for both candidates and recruiters.

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