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Still Putting off Adopting a Driver Recruiting Platform? Why That’s a BAD Idea

 Throughout the last decade, the flood of new technology, platforms, and solutions designed to help organizations operate in a more efficient, streamlined manner have put the power solely in the hands of the companies looking to optimize their output. The pressure to make a decision, however, combined with the sheer number of options may have resulted in an organization delaying any sort of platform adoption thus far.For CDL driver recruiters, there are plenty of strategic objectives that can be addressed by adopting a driver recruiting platform or solution. From finding and attracting new driver candidates to streamlining the application and qualification process to cutting out manual work that is done behind the scenes, driver recruiting platforms can help optimize nearly every single part of a recruiter’s day-to-day life.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to implement a driver recruiting platform in your organization, here are a few reasons why this is a bad idea – especially heading into 2021:

            We’re nearing the point of no return when it comes to technology.

Over the past few years, the CDL trucking and logistics industry has gone through quite an uphill climb to adopt technologies that benefit both drivers and recruiters. Looking ahead to the next few years, this technology has started innovating and updating at such a rapid pace that, if you still haven’t even gotten off the ground with a digital strategy, could leave your team stuck in the dust.

There are larger industry innovations on the horizon that will require a digital-first mindset.

It’s important to also remember that trucking and logistics is one of the largest – and most critical – industries in the country. Some of the biggest minds and organizations in the world are working to develop new solutions and ideas (such as autonomous self-driving trucks) that, like it or not, will impact the industry down the road.

Drivers want to work with carriers who are attuned to their digital needs. 

And, finally, the most important reason to adopt a driver recruiting platform is that your drivers want you to! CDL drivers are looking for a streamlined, transparent, driver-first recruiting experience that only comes with the help and support of a driver recruiting platform. So, if you’re still on the fence, try talking with your current drivers to see what they have to say on the matter.

Still not sure if a driver recruiting platform is right for your team?

At DriverReach, we understand that the changes in the trucking and logistics industry can be difficult for CDL driver recruiters and carriers to navigate. Our team of experts is on hand to answer any questions you may have about the future of the industry, the impact these changes will have on drivers, and how recruiters can be better positioned for success. You can start your conversation here

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