The Big Debate: More CDL Truck Drivers Versus Safety Challenges of Younger Drivers?

Regardless of how you’re personally approaching the issue, the trucking industry is now officially part of the national debate stage. The industry as a whole has been in the spotlight for a while now, thanks in large part to the ongoing driver shortage that has left nearly 1 million driver and technician jobs unfilled.

Without enough drivers and technicians to keep trucks on the road and running smoothly, the entire supply chain of America is under duress. Simply put, commercial trucks are responsible for driving the sustainability and survival of a significant portion of the American economy.

The Driver Shortage Problem Is Escalating  – And Quickly

The trucking industry is a huge cornerstone of the national supply chain (not to mention an economic driver from an employment perspective: 1 in every 15 people is employed in the trucking industry) and, for this reason, the driver shortage has become a big and mainstream issue.

In our newest ebook, “The Big Debate: More CDL Truck Drivers Versus Safety Challenges of Younger Drivers?”, we explore:

  • The DRIVE-Safe Act and how it might help
  • The case for more CDL truck drivers
  • The case for safer roads
  • Our fact-based verdict of which side holds more weight

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