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The Biggest Barriers to Speed-to-Hire in Driver Recruiting

In many professional industries, recruiters are asked to take their time with new applicants, completing multiple rounds of interviews and assessments to find the perfect fit for a new role. CDL recruiters, unfortunately, do not have the luxury of time. CDL recruiters are tasked with finding the most qualified candidate as quickly as possible because, as has been the case for years, there is too much competition in the market to let good candidates go.

Recruiters may ask one immediate question: "How can I find the best candidate (who is the best fit for our needs) if I'm racing against the clock?". 

This is an excellent question because recruiters can't skip over critical compliance related requirements, or general company fit even with a tight timeline. Simply put, CDL recruiters must do everything recruiters from other industries must do to find the perfect candidate (plus more, with regulatory processes) as fast as possible. Sounds easy, right?

Suppose the driver recruiting experience has become overwhelming for your team with the constant need to hire as fast as possible. In that case, there may be internal barriers holding your team back from hiring qualified candidates quickly. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most significant barriers to speed-to-hire in driver recruiting:

  • Lack of clear next steps: When a recruiter finally has a driver on the line and wants to move him or her to the next phase of the recruiting process, saying "we'll be in touch" or "we'll let you know the next steps soon" can be the kiss of death. Your recruiters should always have the next steps for drivers to know exactly what to do or who to contact.
  • Internal confusion during follow-ups: Sometimes, a great applicant can go cold sitting in an ATS or CRM waiting for a recruiter to follow up. If your team doesn't know exactly who is following up with a candidate, what the next steps are, and where all the relevant data on the applicant in question is located, your internal processes need some re-tooling.
  • Inefficient or non-existent driver touchpoints: As in any recruiting experience, your team will have a few touchpoints, interviews, and conversations with driver candidates. It's up to your team to make these as efficient and informative as possible – aka get the most out of what little time you have with a candidate. Make sure your recruiters are asking the right questions, gathering the correct information, and giving the drivers themselves enough information to make informed decisions.
  • Lengthy regulatory processes: Traditionally, the lengthiest part of the driver recruiting process is the necessary regulations and validations required to put a new driver on the road. From employment verification to Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse compliance to ensuring a driver has the necessary qualifications and licenses, gathering this data can take a while. Look for new and innovative ways to streamline these processes, whether through technology platforms or simply starting early with drivers.

You can learn more about streamlining your internal processes to make new driver recruiting as easy, fast, and successful as possible by checking out the additional resources on the DriverReach blog!


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