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Upcoming Webinar: "30 Days In – Status of the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse"

Come February 6th, 2020, FMCSA’s Clearinghouse will have been in effect for 30 days, but how are the changes to the driver qualification process affecting recruiting and compliance?

DriverReach’s upcoming webinar, 30 Days In – Status of the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse", will be led by industry regulatory expert, Dave Osiecki of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting. 

This webinar will provide a status of the Clearinghouse functionality, what’s working, what’s not, and how the system implementation challenges are impacting compliance. It will also address FMCSA’s Clearinghouse-related enforcement posture and will provide answers to some of the most common industry questions about the new query and reporting requirements. 

Attendees will gain answers to critical Clearinghouse topics such as: 

  • Whether and how FMCSA is enforcing the Clearinghouse requirements on carriers given the bumpy system roll-out
  • The main reasons for some of the technical glitches carriers are experiencing
  • How many violations have been successfully reported into the system, and what the ‘hit’ rate has been thus far on pre-employment queries
  • Some of the most common carrier policies regarding timing of pre-employment and limited queries

Want more information on the Clearinghouse? Over the last few months, DriverReach has been hard at work delivering educational content to carriers to help make the Clearinghouse transition a little easier. 

Here are a few resources to review:

  • Blog: The Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Registration: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Webinar: Your Recruiting and Compliance Action Plan for the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse
  • eBook: The Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse: The Time to Prepare is Now! Your Recruiting and Compliance Action Plan

Ready to say goodbye to Clearinghouse compliance worries? 

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