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Upcoming Webinar Hosted by Transport Topics & DriverReach: Modern Recruiting in a Driver Shortage

It’s no surprise that CDL driver recruiting is going through one of the toughest transitions in recent memory. Current estimates indicate that almost a million drivers are needed to meet the growing demand, and the industry is now reliant on CDL driver recruiters to overcome this shortage and increase new applicants. Many recruiters, however, have become complacent with ‘just getting by’ in this tumultuous industry climate. The secret is knowing how to take strong, proactive steps towards thriving not just surviving — in order to truly overcome the driver shortage.

Surviving isn’t the same as thriving
As competition grows, so does the pressure for CDL driver recruiters to make proactive changes to how their business is run. While it’s easy to just survive in today’s recruiting environment, it’s just not scalable. If your team is experiencing an increase in abandoned applications, a clunky online application, trouble following up with applicants, or an increase in idle trucks in your lots, then guess what – you’re just surviving.

To truly thrive in today’s modern trucking industry, CDL driver recruiters must think outside the box. How is your brand marketing to potential applicants? Is your website optimized for maximum clicks? Is your team equipped to follow-up immediately with new applicants? What about your back-end technology? These are all questions to ask yourself if you’re ready to stop just surviving and start thriving. And, for recruiters who are actually ready to start down the path of success, there is a way to get your team out of the dark ages – technology.

Technology is the key to success
While the trucking industry as a whole tends to be outdated (a reputation that has directly resulted in this current driver shortage), CDL driver recruiters don’t have to be part of this trend. New solutions are making it possible for CDL driver recruiters to take the application process a step further to optimize how organizations can engage, manage, and communicate with potential new drivers. 

Some new technological advancements in the CDL recruiting space include:

  • The importance of the optimized website. If your driver applicants can’t figure out your website or can’t even find the Apply Now button on your homepage, you’re in for a serious wakeup call. Drivers now expect CDL recruiting sites to be clean, modern-looking, and easy to navigate.
  • A streamlined online application experience. Drivers are part of the modern job market, and these rules now apply to CDL recruiting. Things like mobile-optimized applications with zero PDF download requirements, auto-fill technology that streamlines the application process, and 100% visibility into a company’s industry reputation are all must-haves. It’s easy for drivers to defect to competitors if you’re application isn’t up-to-snuff, which makes this part of the process so critical to success.
  • A renewed focus on 1:1 engagement. While technology is making it easier to find and connect with new applicants, it can’t take the place of personal communication. It can, however, make it easier for recruiters to engage with new applicants via phone, email, and even text message for a more impactful applicant experience. Personalized engagement shows drivers that they’re more than just a lead – they are a person and part of a community of dedicated trucking professionals.
  • Candidate Relationship Management to stay top-of-mind with applicants. Modern recruiters are leveraging CRM functionality to send automated emails and text messages, create monthly newsletters and updates, and even set up drip campaigns for maximum engagement. Recruiters themselves can track email open rates, pinpoint exactly where an applicant is in the process, and create follow-up reminders to ensure nobody slips through the cracks.
  • An Applicant Tracking System to manage your application process. With a full-service ATS, recruiters can perfect the application experience from the driver’s point of view. Critical processes like background checks, employment verifications, and compliance updates are housed in a single solution for real-time visibility. Recruiters can confidently manage leads through the qualification process to the employee relationship process for a full-cycle picture of HR success.

Your real-world solution
While it’s easy to talk about innovation and the importance of technology, it’s another thing altogether to actually implement solutions and get your team on board. This is why we’ve put together this on-demand webinar to help motivate and educate CDL driver recruiters on how to transform the recruiting process for maximum success in today’s volatile industry.

Interested in learning more? Attend the special Transport Topics Webinar: Modern Recruiting in a Driver Shortage on Thursday, August 23rd at 2p EDT get advice on:

  • Real-world steps to take to create a better applicant experience, including how to optimize your website and set up a mobile-first application process.
  • How to enable your recruiters to provide more impactful interactions with applications from the very beginning of the process to foster personal relationships.



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