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Want to Decrease Driver Lead Drop Off? Simplify the App Process!

We’ve all gone through the job application process one or two times in our lives (and most likely more!). One of the biggest frustrations for many job applicants across all industries is when application sites ask for you to upload your resume… and then asks you to manually fill out your entire job history on the next screen. Finding a new position can be frustrating enough without having to deal with poorly designed applications.

In the world of CDL driver recruiting, this process is even more critical. Because there is such a need for CDL drivers, applicants can afford to be picky about which carriers they pursue. And, if carriers and recruiters aren’t building an application process that has the driver in mind, those valuable leads can leave at any minute.

Drivers ghosting – going dark before or after an interview or even quitting halfway through an application itself – is all too common in the CDL industry. In order to stay competitive and keep drivers from dropping off, modern recruiters are going back to the drawing board to rethink the way drivers engage and interact with their company. And the biggest solution? Simplicity.

Focus on Simplicity in the App Process
Today’s CDL drivers are connected, on-the-go, and have precious few minutes in their days to be worrying about dealing with complicated job applications. For years, CDL applications were lengthy, involved, and required multiple steps and stages to complete. Today, this has changed for the better. Savvy CDL recruiters are saying goodbye to lengthy applications and hello to simple, straightforward forms that are quick and easy to complete.

In a recent case study from NextWave Hire, a staffing firm that cut their application down from 14 questions to 4 questions was able to decrease their applicant drop off rate by nearly 95%. Focusing on only the most critical information makes the application process easier for the applicants, which should be the main goal.

Collect Enough Information for the VOE Process
For CDL recruiters, this should be enough information to be able to run a Verification of Employment check and decide whether or not to move an applicant to the next stage of the hiring process. It’s here, in the follow-up or in-person interview stage, that recruiters can discuss a driver’s work history in more detail or ask any outstanding questions.

Asking drivers to create lengthy application answers or submit redundant employment information isn’t going to get applicants coming in the door any faster. In fact, a more complicated application process is probably turning potential drivers away and causing them to go dark or drop out of the process altogether. And, in such a competitive industry, every single driver counts.

Foster a Personal Connection with DriverReach
For recruiters to stay in the running, attract more candidates, and actually turn these candidates into employees, the application process must be simple and easy to complete. After that, it’s up to the recruiter to foster a personal connection with a driver.

You can learn more about simplifying your driver application process here.

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