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Webinar Presenter Information: Driver Lead Generator Digital Pitch Happy Hour

Did you have a chance to attend our webinar last week, "Driver Lead Generator Digital Pitch Happy Hour"? Whether you were able to attend or not, we encourage you to watch the webinar on-demand now to hear from 8 driver lead generators and to determine which solution is right for you!

Below, we’ve listed out each of the presenters from the webinar along with their contact information. We encourage you to reach out to any of these great companies to learn more about their unique offerings!

P.S. Have a friend in the industry that might also benefit from listening to these short 5-minute pitches? Be sure to share this link with your peers so others can use this helpful tool to evaluate driver lead generators.

HireMaster: Natasha Hammack, Vice President of Sales,

CDLLife: Libby Kirkland, Director of Sales,

Truckers Report: Ethan Bloomfield, Executive Vice President,

CSquared Social: Cody Crail, Director of Sales/Partnerships,

Class A Drivers: Ed Sibal, Senior Sales Manager of Careers-Lodging Division,

Tomorrow’s Online Marketing: Wayne Boesiger, Founder and President, Kelly Miller, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Brett Koch, Digital Sales Representative

Watch "Driver Lead Generator  Digital Pitch Happy Hour" On-Demand Now!

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